i blame my lack of posts on zombies...

blargh, i never blog!!! probably because not many people read, but i guess that's cool since i don't like people up in my business anyways...

for the moment i am free from the constraints of school and to be truly honest i'm getting bored. i don't want to be overstressed like i was last semester (btw i made B's in all my classes except one!), but i would prefer some more stimulation than has been offered lately. maybe i should make myself paint something, hmmmm maybe....

Kid Terror and I had a kick-ass x-mas! we both hauled it in and didn't have to travel too much so that is always a definite plus. the only drawbacks was that there were so many x-mas celebrations between us that it was old when the last one started, although i was all x-mased out before the holiday as i am a grinch when it comes to x-mas.

other news....Kid Terror and I have confirmed that our house is too small! we had suspicions that it was when we moved (i say 'we' Kid Terror knew, i was just 'YEAH HOUSE ^o^'), it became a bigger problem after the epic x-mas haul so we plan on cleaning out this weekend, after the possible drunken stupor of new years eve wears off....yeah booze~

something else noteworthy, i have nearly been working at my current job for a year! it seems like my time with my quirky group of clients has gone by so fast. it's been full of a lot of up's and down's although i wouldn't change any of it. my clients have also made several milestones themselves and i'm so proud of all of them. i really love my job and will be sad to leave it one day. i except it to be akin to sending children out into the world, i'll wonder if they are being taken care of: if the new staff is making sure that they eat properly, if they are being taken out on outings, if they are getting enough attention, and if they are remembering their manners...basically a HUGE list of things to worry about but i guess that just means that i care which is what they deserve.

the doll hobby is still going strong, and i've fleshed out my two current dolls some more and determined that big dolls are not for me (way to go me, make a super expensive mistake...). i've also found that once i discovered my size range that the hobby is much more relaxing and fun, it's also way easier to plan my next ones (Panda's BF- DM U-Jee, Lucan's GF- DM Tan Paran, a DM Flocke or Sona, and a DM Tan Pado boy).....no i don't have a problem ^_~

my current hair color is similar to manic panic's "new rose" color although i have more variations in color. my hair is also still growing out and i think that keeping the crazy colors has been the only thing keeping my hair from the chopping block.

mmm well that's all for now...i'm off to look at PC games to buy, whiten my teeth, and paint my nails (can you tell which one doesn't fit?).

yeah..... Lucan totally knows he's awesome ^^"



yeah life kicks my ass once again. i've bit off more than i can handle by trying to go to school full-time and work a full-time job and i'm suffering for it. i need to make something to remind myself of past follies before i go putting on my optimism goggles and tread head off the metaphorical cliff. it seems to happen to me too often, and i never learn.

i feel like taking a semester off would be too much so i'm going to try and save money so that i can afford to pay for at least two classes on my own if financial aid won't foot the bill. Kid Terror is thinking that he'll do something similar since we'll be moving again soon....but it's a good move so no worries ^^

good news....hmmm well i have my dream doll on order and i have direction with the rest of my collection which is wonderful even if it seems like the only part of my life that contains clarity. the more i get bogged down in things the more i appreciate the ABJD hobby and the peace of mind it gives me, i find it even more relaxing than knitting or painting because i can leave my dolls looking beautiful for weeks and not have to worry about fiddling with them.

MORE good news, my hair is back to being colorful and i'm so happy that i went back, being brown is just not for me. i feel like having normal hair makes my outlook on life all the more pessimistic; i think this is due to the fact that i'm not expressing how i would like to look but hey what do i know i'm not a psychology major.

that's the abridged version of what's been going down since i last posted. the real deal is much more juicy but has become muddled with the passage of time and i rather not rehash it since i just got through living it....

doll pictures to come when i finish my newest mini boy and get the big doll in~


Kid Terror is a sweety

my birthday has been wonderful so far (i haven't even boozed it up yet) and i wanted to show a few pics.



tomorrow is my birthday, huzzah! even though i'm not super pumped i'm trying to be because it's a pretty big one and even though i will spend it at work, instead of out boozing it up legally i figure i should be excited.

i have my suspicions that Kid Terror is more excited about my birthday that i am, for him it will mean that he won't have to buy me booze, i can have (more) fun when we go out, and that he can give me all the presents that he's chosen for me, he really loves to buy presents so this is a biggie and a reason why he's such a sweetheart!


the first week of school was a wee-bit rough for both Kid Terror and myself, financial aid seems intent on ruining our lives but we seem to have beaten the beast back for the time being so everything is dandy there. classes seem to be easy this semester and i'm determined to go to every class because in doing so i've shown genuine effort and professors think about that when they grade things and i want this semester to kick ass so i'm going to try and put in the hours.


that's all i really had since i've last posted it's all been pretty common place stuff and not really interesting so i'd rather not bore you.


life tends to be a time-eater

well it's been a while since i've posted and that's mainly due to being busy. this summer has flown by and i'm ready for the fall.

i registered for classes this semester even though i had planned to take a whole year off from my studies. i figured that this semester was as good as next spring especially since i have the chance to take drawing 1 with KidTerror again (that's where we met so it's a big deal that we get to take it again together). even though i'm registered the fate of my educational career rests largely on the benevolence of the financial aid appeal committee. i withdrew in the spring because i thought that the consequences would be less than if i stayed in and failed a few classes but i was horribly wrong on that idea. so far that decision has turned out to be the worst one that i have made in my higher education career and i now know not to trust the student clerks that work in all of the offices but to actually talk to someone in charge of something, because i was screwed over royally.

all that being said, i really want to go back this semester and get closer to being done. even though life is just one big transitory state i'm ready for the college years to be behind me and those type of everyday headaches to cease.


random stuff:
  • i'm still growing out my hair and it's to the stage that it doesn't look absolutely horrible worn down and i can pin it up if i see fit. it is also brown again since the crazy colors nearly ruined it, i figure i can spice it up again when i have a little more length.
  • KidTerror had a birthday and i learned again, what i seem to forget every birthday/christmas/ valentines, that i need to budget better for his gifts and start shopping early. this year he will beat me on birthday presents but i won on our anniversary! it's a toss up for christmas though....
  • i'm trying to think positive for friday and therefore i'm plotting what i would do with refund money and i think that if i get enough i want to buy my dream doll a Dollshe DSAM 35 Saint in oriental skin with the optional SA face; he will cost a pretty penny but i've wanted him for years now so i think that he would be a good purchase for me to make WHEN i get my refund (positive thinking, that's the ticket).
  • my job is going well and my school schedule will work for it even though that will mean that i have to go to bed as soon as i get home every night but that will be fine since i imagine that i will be tired from all the walking around that i plan on doing. i also have a new co-worker who i'll refer to as DZ, she's super nice and we get along really well, so coming to work is even nicer than it normally is....
  • i want a chococat tattoo, i know it's so adolescent of me but it would represent my love of cats, japan, hello kitty, and cute things all in one. it would also be super girly and i do so love girly things....only problem is where to get it?
that's all i really have at the moment as i'm having everything ride on friday....come on financial aid....


wish list

Kid Terror wants me to make a wishlist for my birthday so i thought that this would be a fun place to put it.
  • doll stuff: for Lucan and the future girl
  • a robe, not like a bath robe, something silky and pretty ^^ not old-lady-ish
  • crazy socks
  • honey and clover season 1 boxset
  • cat books
  • strawberry marshmallow manga vol.4 and up
  • tramps like us manga vol. 7 and up
  • cute japanese stuff
  • little tea pot
  • cute t-shirts in feminine styles

can you tell that i can never get the pictures to go where i want them to?



Proper planning prevents piss poor performance.

well....i've been busy lately.

Kid Terror and i are officially moved out of the apt! it's all kinds of awesome but it was hell getting out of there, utter hell. that being said it was our own doing so we shouldn't get any sympathy. it's like my dad says,"slim, remember your six p's, proper planning prevents piss poor performance." it's like to solution to all my life's woes, if i didn't procrastinate i would be awesome at life but what's the fun in that?

with getting out of the apt, we had to clean it and it was pretty foul, about three years of bachelor living filth had to be scoured. i approached the project with a pretty positive go get em' attitude but that quickly dispersed as the task was one of epic proportions. i don't think i've even cleaned so much or inhaled to many chemical fumes~~~ sad thing is we didn't even finish we gave up even with a day extension. so we're quitters but Kid Terror and i are cool with it since it was killing us. i even became sick due to exhaustion and had to miss work which is uncharacteristic of me.
all that business happened last week and we're glad to have washed our hands of it.

news excluding the previous moving drama has been scant. yesterday was horrible and this week promises to not be to fab in general but i have health and dental insurance something that i haven't been able to boast of since primary school so yay! with that means that i need to make appointment and what-not which isn't pleasant. i hate talking to people in general so having to talk to them on the phone makes it worse since i can't see their face....oh and with insurance i can look into getting on something to help fix anxiety, huzzah. with stress recently i've seen my anxiety levels spike and since they have been increasing for a while now i think it's time to do something about it....

here's some pics to make this post less boring for my imaginary readers...

Lucan being his usual self, but now with sweets.

and my favorite visual kei band, D.


lucan and momo

some dolly spam of lucan and momo since i don't feel like writing an actual entry.


nearly done

it feels like ages since i've posted in here and for good reason, i've been super busy! at the moment i'm waiting for lunch to finish cooking and after that i'm going over to the apartment to finish cleaning it for the new tenants. i'm really excited that Kid Terror and i are finally getting moved out of the apt, it feels like this moving process has taken an extremely long time although it's actually only been about a month.

at the moment the house is a wreck; there are whos-its and whats-its scattered in every possible space, on every possible surface. despite that i'm glad we're here and out of the apt. we'll get to have everything settled soon and then we'll probably start nesting and determining what we need to get rid of and what we should buy for the house....

that's all for right now but i'll probably post later....


raspberry poodles

still busy growing my hair....and it's starting into the ugly mullet phase that is estimated to last until september give or take a month. this is the hardest part of growing my hair out because all is see is mullet while other people have even commented that it looks cute but alas i cannot see it.

in this vast sea of hair cutting temptation i've devised a way to remind myself of the joy of having long hair. it involves a green wig that resembles she-hulk's hair and just by putting it on for a while it reminds me why i'm suffering through the awkward hair stage. that strategy coupled with bleaching only my roots so my hair grows out blue is so far working out pretty well and i have high hopes that i will successfully one day have an easily distinguishable female head of hair.

~~~~~~~fast forward a few days~~~~~~~

i've been so busy that i didn't even get to finish this post and that was a few days ago. since then i have been stressing over not being moved out of the apartment, had my first year anniversary with Kid Terror (he gave me some cute doll stuff, chocolate, and a cat encyclopedia), showed the new house off to my dad, bought a kickass vintage (1968) barbie carrier, and received the green light to get a kitty when the house gets settled.

i'm so happy and grateful that Kid Terror is fine with me getting a cat, and it's sweet that he understands my cat-love and allows me to stop living through cat books (although they are always welcome gifts ^_~). i haven't been able to have a cat in my life since i was little so this is special to me. when i got the news i had to check myself before attempting to run out of the house like a mad-woman and began stockpiling cat necessities; i was really that excited.

with the advent of a kitty on the way, Kid Terror has kinda convinced me to abandon saving for my dollshe saint. he thinks that i won't like him due to his size and i recognize that as a possibility since i am notoriously picky regarding my dolls. he also noted that the saint wouldn't be as portable as Lucan, another fact against him. as of now i'm still waffling back and forth but i now have a kitty to think about so having the most expensive doll ever isn't really on my list. it does however make me want to hop back on the marcia train, especially since Lucan is tired of his sexuality being questioned XD my little resin boy needs a little resin girl and i think that would be a good step for my dolly hobby. marcia would be less expensive (this includes her clothing, shoes, and wigs) and she would also fulfill a dolly plan of mine that's only a little younger than the saint.....but who knows i could be seduced again~~~~

***the title of this post is something that Kid Terror wrote on my leg, he's so wonderful <3


saving for a saint

the doll that is... in the doll hobby i've been setting restrictions and now i've decided to save for a doll that i really want. the saint has been on my wishlist since i started the hobby and i am shocked by his price tag of $750 (plus shipping) then and now. despite this i really think that he's my dream doll in many respects. traits that make him my dream doll:
  • really tall (74cm not a mecha angel at 80cm but not shabby)
  • a boy doll (the ladies are pretty but not really my thing at the moment)
  • super posable!
  • has the large nose that i gravitate towards on male dolls
  • realistic eye proportions
  • he would be impressive due to his size, and sewing would be simplified
all in all he would be perfect to me especially since i've wanted him for so long.

(pic courtesy of Poptart from DoA)


you look like a fool with those buns!

Kid Terror+dollface+sideshots= memories to last a life time XD


don't be a vag AKA no more drama llamas

yeah i just said, "vag," and yes it's kinda insulting to ladies if you want to be all uppity but i don't
really care since i belong to the lady category.....that aside, don't be a vag....stop all the excessive pity parties and telling people that your life is beyond repair, i'm pretty sure you're being dramatic. drama has it's place but not when you're being a drama-llama, nobody wants to mess with that kind of unnecessary bullshit. trust me they don't, BUT the nice one's will try to soothe all your numerous ailments with sound advice and strategies to combat the melancholy moods. they will do this time and time again up to a point. when the person that's being a vag (wanker if you want the testosterone version) doesn't ever do anything proactive or follow advice to break the cycle then you realize that maybe they like being that way. are they so perverse that they concentrate all their willpower into making themselves miserable? extreme theory, but it sure seems that way. vag-tastic drama-llamas such as these really seem to love staying in a permanent funk and for the most part i've gonna let them do it, because hell if i'll let you keep raining on my happy life parade.

to continue the genital based sayings....grow a pair and learn to deal with what life had given you, it may suck and you're gonna have some freak outs but eventually things will even out.

~~~~~~~in other news~~~~~~~
right now i'm eagerly waiting for a text from Kid Terror so i know if he and his friends, Mister F, Jew-fro, and McGee have moved any of our stuff. i've been cleaning our news house for what seems like a lifetime so i'm really ready to move in so i can actually start to mess it up. i'm also ready to have a place to decorate since i've never been allowed to do that before. for the most part i think that Kid Terror and i will mesh together well interior decorator wise and since i don't really require too much space i'm sure that things will work out (<-- love you foxy mchandsomepants <3)


moving woes

good news: Kid Terror and i found a house!!!

bad news: the previous tenants had pets and pets mean fleas. the house is infested along with other vermin...

it's kinda dampened the new house euphoria since we're having to get it exterminated before we move in and it freaks me out so i'm glad that all that stuff is being taken care of (i don't think that it's proper to end a sentence with a preposition....)

i took a lot of pictures but i'm going to save them until i can do a before and after picture segment. it will probably be a while before i get the house ready though....

oh more good news!!! Kid Terror's mom is getting us a washer and dryer!!! it may be one of the nicest things someone has done for me. Kid Terror finds it amusing that i'm so shocked with her generosity but since my family doesn't really go that route, i tend to think any gifts to be overkill. that being said i'm super grateful and happy that she's so sweet.

p.s. i also have some super exciting news that i won't share here for a while......i promise that it's exciting ^^


resplendent in a state of delirium

i am several things at the moment:
  • victorious over having beaten the defensive driving menace.
  • mildly hallucinating due to fatigue.
  • grumpy and hurt about a co-worker of mine quitting, it's not fair to the clients.
  • still troubled over not crying at my pawpaw's funeral.
  • happy to be home, enjoying the comforts of couch and laptop.
  • productive in the vast scheme of things.
  • obsessed with the idea of extensions once my hair grows out a bit.
  • too wound up to sleep.
  • missing the comfort of my labret piercing.
  • business savvy, i'm stacking paper and selling stuff.
eh that covers it for the moment.


sleepasaurous rex: king of all the sleeping lizards

Kid Terror and i have finally started the rent house search and so far it hasn't been really successful...the places that we've seen have all had issues. the first three we checked out looked like they were once meth labs, they were super scary with holes in the floor and walls. they also had a particularly pungent stench, and later we found out that they also had fleas....disturbing. the other two houses that we looked at last week both had issues that purged them from the list, one was way to far out of town and had a really inefficient layout; the other was super cheap and in a decent neighborhood but had two loud dogs belonging to the (nice) land-lady and it was fairly small. despite all the crap that we saw we're still optimistic that we'll find something soon.


this just in, defensive driving is as close to torture that i'll probably ever have to experience.....it's dull in ways that i didn't know existed.....


sleepasaurous rex: the king of all the sleeping lizards!!!! <---apparently i would also fall under this category


marcia, marcia, marcia

i want a fairyland minifee marcia, in NS with small bust and cutie legs ^^

she'll be expensive but i plan on putting her on layaway once i get settled into the rent house. she's so pretty and posable that i'm worried that lucan will get overshadowed....

rumor is these dolls are like crack and seem to multiply so i've been warned!!!


hair obsession

i don't have any obsessions except for my hair. Kid Terror will tell you that i have one for dolls but that's not true. i <3 my dolls but i just don't fiddle and obsess over them like my hair.

i've thought up a way that i can grow my hair out using manic panic hair-color products. since i now work in an environment that doesn't frown upon my affinity for crazy hair i'm able to enjoy my hair how i see fit.

growing my hair out in this fashion will take longer since i'll have to bleach the roots periodically but i think that i might be able to last the distance since my hair won't have to be a boring color throughout the process. that seems to be one of the problems i face when trying to do this, i get bogged down during the in-between ghastly-ness that occurs and boring color doesn't do anything to help my dilemma. i think by changing my hair up using manic panic i'll be able to grow my hair out where i can actually do things with it when i want and put it on top of my head when the fancy strikes. it's gonna up my cuteness factor for sure <3

i'm wearing aftermidnight blue and it's been fabulous, it's the most vibrant and stunning color i've done. probably because it's on my entire head instead of just a portion. it's messed up my hair a bit but as long i let it dry naturally and don't use heat to style it. i also take my vitamins and that seems to speed up the growth.

what it's going to come down to is patience and perseverance on my part, so expect hair updates from time to time. i'll post a pic of my faded aftermidnight blue hair later when i'm not looking so frumpy ^^

i'm going to stay blue for a while and after my hair grows some and i can put some more style back into it i'm going to probably go a two tone pink <3


dream houses

since Kid Terror and i are in the market for a rent house i thought i'd share some random houses that i would LOVE to own, needless to say my tastes are a bit expensive....heh....and old.

enjoy <3>
<--- i like houses where they build up instead of out.....ranch style houses are repulsive to me...

spooky gothic houses, i want little children to be afraid of my house, so they'll never dare to tromp through my unkempt yard ^^

<--- houses with ivy on them, i think this makes a house look mysterious and therefore more interesting, i imagine people would wonder about the houses inhabitants.....by default i would become more mysterious!

~~~~~~~moving on~~~~~~~
Kid Terror: do you not capitalize anything?
dollface: eh not really...
Kid Terror: why?
dollface: i don't like the big letters....

*note* excuse the crap spacing and layout problems.....i'm tired of fighting it, dokapon kingdom is calling~~~


dr. funbeaver is in....

yes you heard me correctly, "dr. funbeaver." that's the name that Kid Terror renamed my character when i surrendered at Dokapon Kingdom. it's a new game that he bought today, it's for the wii and full of multiplayer fun.

we've been playing it for a few hours now and it's still retaining the fun-factor, even though i'm in last place....and the girl NPC is kicking our asses!!! she so far ahead that we are considering the other NPC as our friend even though he's kicking me all over the board....

~~~~~~~elevator music~~~~~~~

in other news today is FRIDAY!!!! and since i woke up at a decent hour (9:30) that means that i actually have gotten to do stuff before work, it's been so awesome that Kid Terror and i think it feels quite like a saturday. OH and guess what else, payday!!! it's exciting but would be better if i didn't have it already allotted and accounted for. but i can't complain, i have a job, plan on continuing school in the fall or spring, and am with the awesome Mr. Kid Terror that all you hear me jabber on about.

~~~~~~~dolly stuff~~~~~~~

i'm back to being a single dolly gal, due to the need to make a deposit on a rent house soon but it's not really a major deal Lucan (Dollmore Kid Aiden *with mods*) is the only doll that i've had so far that i've really 'bonded' with. he's also the only one i've ordered from a company so maybe there's something there new doll = dolls with staying power? anyways here's a shot of him looking like he's made of dolly awesome.....


dinosaur post

huzzah new blog!!! my last one kept being spammed by some creepers so hopefully this one will elude their grasp. i don't yet know the function of this blog and this indecision has been giving me some grief, it even kept me up a little last night. that being said it's not bad that i can't label my blog since i'm not too into labels myself, so the ambiguity of this endeavor is fitting.

what would you except to find here you ask? well i can say that there will be some knitting/crocheting/sewing, abjd's, occasional baking, the rare piece of art posted, the even more scare rant, real-life who-it's and whats-it's, and more nerdy things. so you're looking at a big slice of AWESOME! heh, i lied but with intent to astound you so it's all good.

~~~~~~~transition squiggles~~~~~~~

if you're an uber creeper-freaker then you're probably wondering what's going on in dollface's land. to be short, life is good. Kid Terror (the boyfriend) and i are super happy and we plan on renting a house this summer!!! we will be desperately poor and live off of ramen for a while but since we're some crazy kids in love we'll be fine. college has taken a hiatus due to stress and lack of interest; and will probably continue until i can pay the bastards back the money i owe them. Kid Terror in his wisdom regretted to inform me of what a dumb-bunny decision it was, sometimes he seems to forget that he's got a few years on me and that i may not know something is a bad idea. even so he's my favorite person so all faults are forgiven.

if you've read this far you are probably wondering, "where are the dinosaurs?" well my imaginary readers, it was all a RUSE!!!! bwahahahahahahahahahaha *ahem* i was alluding to the fact that i'm posting this from work and the computer i'm using is ancient, it's makes me appreciate my hand-me-down laptop. disappointed? bored with my revelation? if so, stuff you! meh lied again do what you will i'll still be here.....