Kid Terror is a sweety

my birthday has been wonderful so far (i haven't even boozed it up yet) and i wanted to show a few pics.



tomorrow is my birthday, huzzah! even though i'm not super pumped i'm trying to be because it's a pretty big one and even though i will spend it at work, instead of out boozing it up legally i figure i should be excited.

i have my suspicions that Kid Terror is more excited about my birthday that i am, for him it will mean that he won't have to buy me booze, i can have (more) fun when we go out, and that he can give me all the presents that he's chosen for me, he really loves to buy presents so this is a biggie and a reason why he's such a sweetheart!


the first week of school was a wee-bit rough for both Kid Terror and myself, financial aid seems intent on ruining our lives but we seem to have beaten the beast back for the time being so everything is dandy there. classes seem to be easy this semester and i'm determined to go to every class because in doing so i've shown genuine effort and professors think about that when they grade things and i want this semester to kick ass so i'm going to try and put in the hours.


that's all i really had since i've last posted it's all been pretty common place stuff and not really interesting so i'd rather not bore you.