a-kon planning

i just started seriously preparing for a-kon coming up next week and it is crazy. KidTerror will be attending with me as well as 3 friends and one random person whom i don't really care to become acquainted with.

both room reservations (at different hotels) are reserved in my name and that is something that i most likely won't do again. it means that i have to have a total of 779.70 in my account when i go to check in, that normally isn't a biggie but it kinda sucks since i have to round up money. the next time i go i'm going to delegate things out so that i'm not the one booking the hotel and being responsible for most of the money handling.

KidTerror was added to the bunch recently and i'm super happy he's going with me, i think i'll have even more fun with him there and we'll have a hotel room to ourselves which will be pleasant.

i'm anticipating a good trip and i'm going to work to try and make it as stress free as possible, my only wishes so far are that i had let KidTerror on the list earlier (things would be way cheaper) and that i saved more money. the good thing is i've already paid all my bills for the month except rent, so it will be ok to be poor during the rest of june....

a little note on my eyebrow shaving experiment....don't shave your eyebrows because you will look odd without them and it take a while for them to grow back in.....


ugh pissed off...

i just checked my final grades and everything was fine except for one WTF grade....my painting professor gave me a C......i have no idea where that is coming from, but i do know that it pisses me off. it seems really arbitrary since i produced a fair amount of paintings and came to class and often times painting during lunch.....bleh.

other than that i got a good surprise for my math grade, i made a B and i'm pretty damn proud of it. sculpture was a B, which is good considering i had many setbacks with my projects and health was an A because it was the easiest college class i've ever taken.

i'm trying to be happy about my grades because they are fairly good and nothing to gripe about but the C really gets to me.

right now my GPA is at a solid B but i really want that A so i plan on buckling down even more during the fall but i don't really think that it will be that difficult to do since i've been much more focused with my medication. my doll hobby has also become more passive so i don't have that to preoccupy me as much as it did during the early part of the spring semester.

i'm going to try and focus on  getting my act together more during the fall, i know that i'm not a C student and i want to work hard and not have to see another grade that i know i could have done something about. fall will mean that i live in the art building but i know that it will pay off.


i shaved my eyebrows off....

heh before you think i'm crazy it's been something that i've been considering for a long time so it wasn't too much of a snap decision....but it was a little hasty.

it may sound odd but i really like drawing them on and it isn't near as hard as one would think. today was my first day having them and they aren't really that mismatched at all, i only notice a slight dissimilarity between the two but at a glance they look perfect.

i've got tired of the constant plucking i had to do to keep my eyebrows under control and i wanted the freedom to decide however i wanted my eyebrows to look so it seemed the best option to me. it will be super fun trying out new styles and shapes.

i'll update with pictures in a few days or so....


oh my...

i have been super busy since i last blogged! i am officially finished with the spring semester and since i not longer qualify for financial aid (made too much money last year) i dropped my classes for the summer and fixed my fall schedule so i'm out of the digital class. i don't really have much interest in that area so there was no love lost. in its place i'll take the ceramics and jewelery instead, it is actually something i'm interested in so it's pretty exciting.

my computer recently recovered from a virus (the trouble only lasted a day but it was scary), and since i got some sweet norton computer protection software at a steal i'm happily protected for a year. i've run a few scans and already my computer is running faster....who knows how many viruses and issues my laptop had....and since it's pretty much a dinosaur (made 2004) i imagine it was pretty bad.

other news....summer is here, a-kon is approaching, and my hair growing quest is going smoothly, it's really dark with some henna hi-lights and growing in healthy. it's been a really rewarding hobby and i'm looking forward to a possible growth increase that summer normally gives me.

other summer plans... since i won't be going to school i'm going to work and getting my house in order and cleaning out more house-hold clutter. i also want to sell off some doll stuff and some of my DVD's, take advantage of the student rec center, work on some art stuff, and start to plan out some tattoo ideas. it plans on being a very enjoyable summer and i'm looking forward to it.

that's really it for the moment, i'll try to have some pictures of my spring art projects up soonish but who knows when that will be.....