Rachel Denny

i found this image while browsing the "art" category on pinterest. this really makes me want to do more artistic things with my knitting and crocheting rather than just crafting objects. i love the feel of whimsy it has and i'm very curious about the process of measuring and drafting a pattern. i think something like this would be WAY over my head but i would like to try something similar.



Hi (aka Xhxix)


Julian Callos


Nadezhda Illarionovas



map of where jefferson hangs out in the house.

typographic portrait that i need to re-do.

doll map charting all the dolls i've owned by sculpt, size, and resin color.


Serge N. Kozintsev, Morning Tea

Serge N. Kozintsev, Morning Tea

i'm not too sure as what classify this piece but i really enjoy it. 

lace tattoos

i really like this lace ribbon tattoo. i feel like i'll never be able to make the jump and get my first tattoo so looking and pretty pictures is pretty much the extent of what i do. when i do decide on my tattoo i plan on making up the design myself. i want to do a lot of research so i don't end up with a carbon copy of someones ink. lace and floral elements are my favorite but i find them limiting as far as planning out tattoos around the first one i get as i want a cohesive design element for my body art...lots of planning ahead.

with the idea of a cohesive style the element of color is also a big issue. i want color but i don't think i want to have a very free color palette.

ron fucking swanson


yoshitaka amano and gustav klimt

the image above is by yoshitaka amano. i first became familiar with his work through the horror novel series vampire hunter d. i love the light line work and the colors that almost look like watercolors but are in fact acrylics. sometimes his work reminds me of gustav klimt another artist i love due to romanticism in their works. they both also have a feeling of fantasy to them. hmmm more dreamlike than fantasy on the part of klimt. 


knitting tattoo

i really like this tattoo, it's very knitterly (yes i'm making that into a word) but i also like the design. i enjoy the dual nature of this tattoo, it combines knitting and a floral motif but it's definitely not one of grandma's sweaters. i also like the detail present, it's a pain to recreate knitted fabric accurately in a drawing so seeing the structure of the knitted fabric represented truthfully is a treat for me. i should knit more.

drawings from lifedrawing



i came upon this image randomly while browsing a cat blog. i find it very amusing and odd. i enjoy the colors and the way cool and warm colors interact. the flowers surrounding the cats eyes seem to make the eyes float above the rest of the cat, making for an unnerving view. while i can't remember the artists' name at the moment i do remember that he was English and spent most of his life as a pauper in a mental asylum after his fanciful animal scenes went out of fashion.

Louis Wain is the name of the artist, his wiki page is here.


new doll

here is my newest doll and his new face-up. i really didn't get to play around much with this face-up because i was low on sealant and i was impatient to get a face on him so that i would be less inclined to sale him. the eyebrows are WAY too dark but i think i will improve with practice. i have only used my tiny brush once before this so i'm not too critical of the results. i think i could have darkened his lip more and applied the lip lines with a lighter hand. i'm pleased with the results overall especially since he looks better in person. 


dpbm 2

i chose this work because i grew up viewing the work of stephen gammel when my nana would read me scary stories. i was repulsed and fascinated by the grotesque level of detail in his illustrations. they made a lasting impression on me and i thought back to them from time to time until i received the scary stories to tell in the dark treasury as a gift. while i enjoy the stories the illustrations were the real treasure for me.

drip painting for painting class

here is a doll painting tutorial i found. the dolls used are ball-jointed dolls which are made of resin and made to be totally customized. the term used to describe the face painting of these dolls is called a "face-up."



this image is from the comic Madman. i chose this image because i enjoy how the black and red work together within the image. i also enjoy the portrayal of frank because he is my favorite character. the way the background suggests chaos without depicting actual events is something i like about this image. i found this image originally in the Madman comic while reading and then i searched online to find the image digitally. 


Digital and Print Based Media 1

i get a lot of inspiration from fabric prints. i enjoy collecting interesting printed fabrics and often think that i would enjoy designing them. i became interested in various types of printed fabric as a child when i would pick out what fabric i wanted my doll clothing to be made of; this interest grew as my mother went to school for fashion merchandising and i became more aware of design and art. i found these images first on pinterest and then followed the link to http://marimekkovancouver.com/

hand sketches for lifedrawing.

i found an interesting tutorial about applying realistic make-up in photoshop.