wish list

Kid Terror wants me to make a wishlist for my birthday so i thought that this would be a fun place to put it.
  • doll stuff: for Lucan and the future girl
  • a robe, not like a bath robe, something silky and pretty ^^ not old-lady-ish
  • crazy socks
  • honey and clover season 1 boxset
  • cat books
  • strawberry marshmallow manga vol.4 and up
  • tramps like us manga vol. 7 and up
  • cute japanese stuff
  • little tea pot
  • cute t-shirts in feminine styles

can you tell that i can never get the pictures to go where i want them to?



Proper planning prevents piss poor performance.

well....i've been busy lately.

Kid Terror and i are officially moved out of the apt! it's all kinds of awesome but it was hell getting out of there, utter hell. that being said it was our own doing so we shouldn't get any sympathy. it's like my dad says,"slim, remember your six p's, proper planning prevents piss poor performance." it's like to solution to all my life's woes, if i didn't procrastinate i would be awesome at life but what's the fun in that?

with getting out of the apt, we had to clean it and it was pretty foul, about three years of bachelor living filth had to be scoured. i approached the project with a pretty positive go get em' attitude but that quickly dispersed as the task was one of epic proportions. i don't think i've even cleaned so much or inhaled to many chemical fumes~~~ sad thing is we didn't even finish we gave up even with a day extension. so we're quitters but Kid Terror and i are cool with it since it was killing us. i even became sick due to exhaustion and had to miss work which is uncharacteristic of me.
all that business happened last week and we're glad to have washed our hands of it.

news excluding the previous moving drama has been scant. yesterday was horrible and this week promises to not be to fab in general but i have health and dental insurance something that i haven't been able to boast of since primary school so yay! with that means that i need to make appointment and what-not which isn't pleasant. i hate talking to people in general so having to talk to them on the phone makes it worse since i can't see their face....oh and with insurance i can look into getting on something to help fix anxiety, huzzah. with stress recently i've seen my anxiety levels spike and since they have been increasing for a while now i think it's time to do something about it....

here's some pics to make this post less boring for my imaginary readers...

Lucan being his usual self, but now with sweets.

and my favorite visual kei band, D.


lucan and momo

some dolly spam of lucan and momo since i don't feel like writing an actual entry.


nearly done

it feels like ages since i've posted in here and for good reason, i've been super busy! at the moment i'm waiting for lunch to finish cooking and after that i'm going over to the apartment to finish cleaning it for the new tenants. i'm really excited that Kid Terror and i are finally getting moved out of the apt, it feels like this moving process has taken an extremely long time although it's actually only been about a month.

at the moment the house is a wreck; there are whos-its and whats-its scattered in every possible space, on every possible surface. despite that i'm glad we're here and out of the apt. we'll get to have everything settled soon and then we'll probably start nesting and determining what we need to get rid of and what we should buy for the house....

that's all for right now but i'll probably post later....