i blame my lack of posts on zombies...

blargh, i never blog!!! probably because not many people read, but i guess that's cool since i don't like people up in my business anyways...

for the moment i am free from the constraints of school and to be truly honest i'm getting bored. i don't want to be overstressed like i was last semester (btw i made B's in all my classes except one!), but i would prefer some more stimulation than has been offered lately. maybe i should make myself paint something, hmmmm maybe....

Kid Terror and I had a kick-ass x-mas! we both hauled it in and didn't have to travel too much so that is always a definite plus. the only drawbacks was that there were so many x-mas celebrations between us that it was old when the last one started, although i was all x-mased out before the holiday as i am a grinch when it comes to x-mas.

other news....Kid Terror and I have confirmed that our house is too small! we had suspicions that it was when we moved (i say 'we' Kid Terror knew, i was just 'YEAH HOUSE ^o^'), it became a bigger problem after the epic x-mas haul so we plan on cleaning out this weekend, after the possible drunken stupor of new years eve wears off....yeah booze~

something else noteworthy, i have nearly been working at my current job for a year! it seems like my time with my quirky group of clients has gone by so fast. it's been full of a lot of up's and down's although i wouldn't change any of it. my clients have also made several milestones themselves and i'm so proud of all of them. i really love my job and will be sad to leave it one day. i except it to be akin to sending children out into the world, i'll wonder if they are being taken care of: if the new staff is making sure that they eat properly, if they are being taken out on outings, if they are getting enough attention, and if they are remembering their manners...basically a HUGE list of things to worry about but i guess that just means that i care which is what they deserve.

the doll hobby is still going strong, and i've fleshed out my two current dolls some more and determined that big dolls are not for me (way to go me, make a super expensive mistake...). i've also found that once i discovered my size range that the hobby is much more relaxing and fun, it's also way easier to plan my next ones (Panda's BF- DM U-Jee, Lucan's GF- DM Tan Paran, a DM Flocke or Sona, and a DM Tan Pado boy).....no i don't have a problem ^_~

my current hair color is similar to manic panic's "new rose" color although i have more variations in color. my hair is also still growing out and i think that keeping the crazy colors has been the only thing keeping my hair from the chopping block.

mmm well that's all for now...i'm off to look at PC games to buy, whiten my teeth, and paint my nails (can you tell which one doesn't fit?).

yeah..... Lucan totally knows he's awesome ^^"