life tends to be a time-eater

well it's been a while since i've posted and that's mainly due to being busy. this summer has flown by and i'm ready for the fall.

i registered for classes this semester even though i had planned to take a whole year off from my studies. i figured that this semester was as good as next spring especially since i have the chance to take drawing 1 with KidTerror again (that's where we met so it's a big deal that we get to take it again together). even though i'm registered the fate of my educational career rests largely on the benevolence of the financial aid appeal committee. i withdrew in the spring because i thought that the consequences would be less than if i stayed in and failed a few classes but i was horribly wrong on that idea. so far that decision has turned out to be the worst one that i have made in my higher education career and i now know not to trust the student clerks that work in all of the offices but to actually talk to someone in charge of something, because i was screwed over royally.

all that being said, i really want to go back this semester and get closer to being done. even though life is just one big transitory state i'm ready for the college years to be behind me and those type of everyday headaches to cease.


random stuff:
  • i'm still growing out my hair and it's to the stage that it doesn't look absolutely horrible worn down and i can pin it up if i see fit. it is also brown again since the crazy colors nearly ruined it, i figure i can spice it up again when i have a little more length.
  • KidTerror had a birthday and i learned again, what i seem to forget every birthday/christmas/ valentines, that i need to budget better for his gifts and start shopping early. this year he will beat me on birthday presents but i won on our anniversary! it's a toss up for christmas though....
  • i'm trying to think positive for friday and therefore i'm plotting what i would do with refund money and i think that if i get enough i want to buy my dream doll a Dollshe DSAM 35 Saint in oriental skin with the optional SA face; he will cost a pretty penny but i've wanted him for years now so i think that he would be a good purchase for me to make WHEN i get my refund (positive thinking, that's the ticket).
  • my job is going well and my school schedule will work for it even though that will mean that i have to go to bed as soon as i get home every night but that will be fine since i imagine that i will be tired from all the walking around that i plan on doing. i also have a new co-worker who i'll refer to as DZ, she's super nice and we get along really well, so coming to work is even nicer than it normally is....
  • i want a chococat tattoo, i know it's so adolescent of me but it would represent my love of cats, japan, hello kitty, and cute things all in one. it would also be super girly and i do so love girly things....only problem is where to get it?
that's all i really have at the moment as i'm having everything ride on friday....come on financial aid....