yeah life kicks my ass once again. i've bit off more than i can handle by trying to go to school full-time and work a full-time job and i'm suffering for it. i need to make something to remind myself of past follies before i go putting on my optimism goggles and tread head off the metaphorical cliff. it seems to happen to me too often, and i never learn.

i feel like taking a semester off would be too much so i'm going to try and save money so that i can afford to pay for at least two classes on my own if financial aid won't foot the bill. Kid Terror is thinking that he'll do something similar since we'll be moving again soon....but it's a good move so no worries ^^

good news....hmmm well i have my dream doll on order and i have direction with the rest of my collection which is wonderful even if it seems like the only part of my life that contains clarity. the more i get bogged down in things the more i appreciate the ABJD hobby and the peace of mind it gives me, i find it even more relaxing than knitting or painting because i can leave my dolls looking beautiful for weeks and not have to worry about fiddling with them.

MORE good news, my hair is back to being colorful and i'm so happy that i went back, being brown is just not for me. i feel like having normal hair makes my outlook on life all the more pessimistic; i think this is due to the fact that i'm not expressing how i would like to look but hey what do i know i'm not a psychology major.

that's the abridged version of what's been going down since i last posted. the real deal is much more juicy but has become muddled with the passage of time and i rather not rehash it since i just got through living it....

doll pictures to come when i finish my newest mini boy and get the big doll in~