sleepasaurous rex: king of all the sleeping lizards

Kid Terror and i have finally started the rent house search and so far it hasn't been really successful...the places that we've seen have all had issues. the first three we checked out looked like they were once meth labs, they were super scary with holes in the floor and walls. they also had a particularly pungent stench, and later we found out that they also had fleas....disturbing. the other two houses that we looked at last week both had issues that purged them from the list, one was way to far out of town and had a really inefficient layout; the other was super cheap and in a decent neighborhood but had two loud dogs belonging to the (nice) land-lady and it was fairly small. despite all the crap that we saw we're still optimistic that we'll find something soon.


this just in, defensive driving is as close to torture that i'll probably ever have to experience.....it's dull in ways that i didn't know existed.....


sleepasaurous rex: the king of all the sleeping lizards!!!! <---apparently i would also fall under this category


marcia, marcia, marcia

i want a fairyland minifee marcia, in NS with small bust and cutie legs ^^

she'll be expensive but i plan on putting her on layaway once i get settled into the rent house. she's so pretty and posable that i'm worried that lucan will get overshadowed....

rumor is these dolls are like crack and seem to multiply so i've been warned!!!


hair obsession

i don't have any obsessions except for my hair. Kid Terror will tell you that i have one for dolls but that's not true. i <3 my dolls but i just don't fiddle and obsess over them like my hair.

i've thought up a way that i can grow my hair out using manic panic hair-color products. since i now work in an environment that doesn't frown upon my affinity for crazy hair i'm able to enjoy my hair how i see fit.

growing my hair out in this fashion will take longer since i'll have to bleach the roots periodically but i think that i might be able to last the distance since my hair won't have to be a boring color throughout the process. that seems to be one of the problems i face when trying to do this, i get bogged down during the in-between ghastly-ness that occurs and boring color doesn't do anything to help my dilemma. i think by changing my hair up using manic panic i'll be able to grow my hair out where i can actually do things with it when i want and put it on top of my head when the fancy strikes. it's gonna up my cuteness factor for sure <3

i'm wearing aftermidnight blue and it's been fabulous, it's the most vibrant and stunning color i've done. probably because it's on my entire head instead of just a portion. it's messed up my hair a bit but as long i let it dry naturally and don't use heat to style it. i also take my vitamins and that seems to speed up the growth.

what it's going to come down to is patience and perseverance on my part, so expect hair updates from time to time. i'll post a pic of my faded aftermidnight blue hair later when i'm not looking so frumpy ^^

i'm going to stay blue for a while and after my hair grows some and i can put some more style back into it i'm going to probably go a two tone pink <3


dream houses

since Kid Terror and i are in the market for a rent house i thought i'd share some random houses that i would LOVE to own, needless to say my tastes are a bit expensive....heh....and old.

enjoy <3>
<--- i like houses where they build up instead of out.....ranch style houses are repulsive to me...

spooky gothic houses, i want little children to be afraid of my house, so they'll never dare to tromp through my unkempt yard ^^

<--- houses with ivy on them, i think this makes a house look mysterious and therefore more interesting, i imagine people would wonder about the houses inhabitants.....by default i would become more mysterious!

~~~~~~~moving on~~~~~~~
Kid Terror: do you not capitalize anything?
dollface: eh not really...
Kid Terror: why?
dollface: i don't like the big letters....

*note* excuse the crap spacing and layout problems.....i'm tired of fighting it, dokapon kingdom is calling~~~


dr. funbeaver is in....

yes you heard me correctly, "dr. funbeaver." that's the name that Kid Terror renamed my character when i surrendered at Dokapon Kingdom. it's a new game that he bought today, it's for the wii and full of multiplayer fun.

we've been playing it for a few hours now and it's still retaining the fun-factor, even though i'm in last place....and the girl NPC is kicking our asses!!! she so far ahead that we are considering the other NPC as our friend even though he's kicking me all over the board....

~~~~~~~elevator music~~~~~~~

in other news today is FRIDAY!!!! and since i woke up at a decent hour (9:30) that means that i actually have gotten to do stuff before work, it's been so awesome that Kid Terror and i think it feels quite like a saturday. OH and guess what else, payday!!! it's exciting but would be better if i didn't have it already allotted and accounted for. but i can't complain, i have a job, plan on continuing school in the fall or spring, and am with the awesome Mr. Kid Terror that all you hear me jabber on about.

~~~~~~~dolly stuff~~~~~~~

i'm back to being a single dolly gal, due to the need to make a deposit on a rent house soon but it's not really a major deal Lucan (Dollmore Kid Aiden *with mods*) is the only doll that i've had so far that i've really 'bonded' with. he's also the only one i've ordered from a company so maybe there's something there new doll = dolls with staying power? anyways here's a shot of him looking like he's made of dolly awesome.....


dinosaur post

huzzah new blog!!! my last one kept being spammed by some creepers so hopefully this one will elude their grasp. i don't yet know the function of this blog and this indecision has been giving me some grief, it even kept me up a little last night. that being said it's not bad that i can't label my blog since i'm not too into labels myself, so the ambiguity of this endeavor is fitting.

what would you except to find here you ask? well i can say that there will be some knitting/crocheting/sewing, abjd's, occasional baking, the rare piece of art posted, the even more scare rant, real-life who-it's and whats-it's, and more nerdy things. so you're looking at a big slice of AWESOME! heh, i lied but with intent to astound you so it's all good.

~~~~~~~transition squiggles~~~~~~~

if you're an uber creeper-freaker then you're probably wondering what's going on in dollface's land. to be short, life is good. Kid Terror (the boyfriend) and i are super happy and we plan on renting a house this summer!!! we will be desperately poor and live off of ramen for a while but since we're some crazy kids in love we'll be fine. college has taken a hiatus due to stress and lack of interest; and will probably continue until i can pay the bastards back the money i owe them. Kid Terror in his wisdom regretted to inform me of what a dumb-bunny decision it was, sometimes he seems to forget that he's got a few years on me and that i may not know something is a bad idea. even so he's my favorite person so all faults are forgiven.

if you've read this far you are probably wondering, "where are the dinosaurs?" well my imaginary readers, it was all a RUSE!!!! bwahahahahahahahahahaha *ahem* i was alluding to the fact that i'm posting this from work and the computer i'm using is ancient, it's makes me appreciate my hand-me-down laptop. disappointed? bored with my revelation? if so, stuff you! meh lied again do what you will i'll still be here.....