jefferson starship, the cat

the handsome kitty that you see above is mr. jefferson starship and he is made of awesome. he's a bit of a chatty cathy as far as cats go but since he's been at my house for a while he's calmed down a lot more. he's a super handsome kitty and has a very distinguished face that is all male. currently he lives on my back porch but i'm saving up the money for the pet deposit and to have him fixed. it will be around $350-ish but for me it will totally be worth it. since i had cats growing up and adored them then it's wonderful to be able to share my life with one again. KidTerror was such a sweety about all the cat stuff and even was the one to name jefferson. i'm very fortunate to have a sweet man who helped me bring a sweet cat into our home (not quite there yet).

if jefferson turns out to be a champ as far as house-cats go then one day he may get a feline companion. i think it's important to have more then one cat for the social well-being of the cat when its humans are out of the house. i really hope jefferson minds his manners once he's in the house so i can get him a friend.


been a while.....

to make things short a-kon was not a lot of fun and i think that i'm going to stick to cons that have more stuff going on for them than just anime in the future. since the scope was so narrow and i'm not super into anime anymore i didn't have as much fun as i hoped and the stinky people didn't help either. the BO haze that i lived through has pretty much crossed off summer cons for me, i can't deal with BO.

in addition to the other issues a-kon was also super disorganized and the staff was not knowledgeable about any of the programing or the convention center which resulted in me not getting to see any of the doll related programing.

with all that being said Kid Terror, Kitty Niles, and i had a pretty decent time together. if it wasn't for them my time there would have been totally horrible. with them the whole experience wasn't a waste and i was happy to spend time with them.

at the con i saw so many nude dolls. it made me super sad that i didn't bring Lucan or Panda. They could have easily won prizes at the con doll contests (doesn't matter though since i could never find them) and i imagine they would have gained a few more fans. seeing all the sad dollies made me want to spend more time with mine. i'm going to go through their clothing more strictly later this summer, clean and re-string them and paint their faces again when i get the chance.

not much else going on besides that....